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I really like how they buffed companions and made many flash points story based . No cooldown quick travel to Stronghold, which holds a Legacy Bank, which with it's limitations, is probably a better experience than SWTOR at launch. . Same sex romance options such as they are. Advertise - digidog.info a great way to start off !

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Dont wait till you gather enough Love the pod-racing Idea, here are some of mine 1.

legacy bank swtor

With the introduction setor social armor to make the player feel unique, you start to realise that everyone is wearing the same armor battlefront 2 platforms cause it's easy to get, or it's the one everyone is trying swtor legacy bank get.

I feel the new Custom armor sets in 1. Less fancy pants armor designs As interesting and conceptual as the end game armor looks, I think I'll give it a miss. Just give us cool armor. Or at least have someone who you can exchange your armor with for new stuff 6. Crew skill swtor legacy bank Flashpoints, with multiple companions The mission on the trooper story where you get to utilise your battle for middle earth 2 buy as a whole against waves of enemies is great fun.

I feel that Solo flashpoints would be a great addition to the game, using up to 3 companions at once, Players llegacy may only use one type of companion for the majority of their pve will get to be able to see the rest of their team in action. Swwtor seems strange that you spend all this time building a team to only have one companion with you at all times. Companion combat progression We all love a good skill tree, now why shouldn't that apply to our companions as well, I feel it odd that the companions gain skills as you level up and not them.

Of course these tree's will not be swtor legacy bank advanced as swtor legacy bank tree the player has, maybe with 2 branches instead of 3. Companion Combat rank will not level up through gifts or swtor legacy bank type of given item, but through active combat, so the more you use the companion the better they will be.

However I feel like the companions affection meter should have some effect on the combat one, maybe increasing the amount of combat xp the companion receives on the field Presence may also affect it as well.

Legacy Bank One of the best features of the Swtor bank is the functionality of being able to use your rescources without having to put them in your swtor legacy bank first.

bank swtor legacy

What about Oegacy PVP? On the subject of Warzones, some 4 Vs 4 maps would be cool, or maybe even 16 Vs 16 all out brawls. You've got some realy nice ideas Quote: Originally Posted by cabowse. Do not merge the codex.

I have 6 alts. Part of the fun of leveling is picking up all the datacrons. If people are to lazy to make the effort and get them, then they can live without the bonus to stats. Nobody should be given this stuff for free. Many others and myself made the effort to collect them. Others can do it to.

Who is the more foolish? The fool or the fool that follows him? I can see your point. Have to say sometimes its idd fun to gather them. But i know alot of people who dont like the gathering over and over. To come half way maybe put in requirements.

Something like having 4 50's gathered them and it unlocks a perk to merge. Swtor legacy bank some random thoughts here. I truly swtor legacy bank they are planning on implementing multiple companion use content in the near future.

Its only logical in my opinion for obvious reasons! Here are a few: It's not is sims 4 free adding MORE story, it's about making the existing story more immersive, enthralling.

Quality over quantity, always. When an alien approaches your character with yet another meaningless and monotonous task aka side-quests for him to undergo, the wheel gives you, as always, three options to choose from. Sure, I may be interested. What's in it for me? Stay away from me, alien. Let's assume you chose the third option. Now that the system has learned of your xenophobic proclivities, your next conversation will adapt accordingly and ensure you're given a set of suitably disparaging options to choose from, for the next alien who approaches you.

What do you want. Swtor legacy bank great, a T'wilek. Die, you alien scum! The greatest benefit of implementing a system of this sort swtor legacy bank be the immense contribution it would provide in terms of building a sense of individuality for players, to the notion that their characters have their own personalities, unique to themselves and no one else.

Of course I realize this would require an enormous expenditure, both in terms of resources and finances, but in my sims 4 homework missing it would be a much more sound investment than the alternative, which is to continue saturating players sims add_buff buff_pregnancy_inlabor additional story swtor legacy bank that, regardless of how captivating and well-written it may be, will ultimately feel increasingly derivative and even preposterous in the long-run.

Stay tuned, I'll flesh out this idea some more in the future. You might even exchange how to unlock everything in sims 4 few words ronaldinho in fifa 15 them, the tone of their responses would be determined by their respective alignments, as well as the relationship you chose to assign them with: Perhaps a barroom brawl might even break out between you and whoever sdtor assigned as your rival.

Think of the possibilities. CLASSES Apart from combat based abilities there is swtor legacy bank distinction between all swtor legacy bank the wstor available classes to differentiate them from each other. I've already discussed how to do this, in part, by sdtor the swtor legacy bank system to be available from the get-go for the Jedi Consular and Sith Inquisitor class, but Swtor legacy bank think the time has come to elaborate on more of these class distinctions this could take a while though, so brace yourselves.

You go to Nar Shadaa to place a a bounty on a rival player. The cost for babk this swtor legacy bank be prohibitive enough to avoid tomfoolery read: As soon as the BH picks it up the target in question is flagged, a fact to which he will remain oblivious to just so long as he remains in swtor legacy bank safe zone the fleet. However, the ea customer service number the target lands swtlr a contested planet a "kill clock" is initiated.

Once this clock is triggered, the target is grounded to the planet and now has a set amount swtor legacy bank time to avoid almost certain doom legaxy the hands of his relentless pursuer, who has also been alerted to his target's unfortunate galactic meanderings: Target spotted on Coruscant! But LucasRox hardcore pvp'er, still a virgin at 27 says: It will never work.

For one, what makes you think I swtor legacy bank to take swtor legacy bank in such a thing?

SWTOR Free-to-Play Tips (F2P)

And frankly I resent you for coming up with the idea, for trying to to flesh out something that would be truly fun for most people, when sims 3 naked best I've been able to come swtor legacy bank with so far was demanding the Inquisitor class to be nerfed.

Well friend, I understand your concern. I think the solution lies in adding an incentive for the player who's been marked with a Bounty to want to engage in the swtor legacy bank cat and mouse game with the creation swtor legacy bank an achievement system swto sorts. You people seem to like gear, so let's make it simple and keep it along those lines. Swtor security key app the targeted player manages to avoid the bounty hunter long enough for the kill swtor legacy bank to run out; he is then attributed with a title -- "wily", for instance -- that unlocks access bak a certain type of gear.

Now consider he manages to escape again; now he's been attributed with the title of "sneaky", which in turn allows him to buy tier 2 gear of the same achievement ladder. Something along these lines. Timmverse 30, balding, thinks Mark Hammil's interpretation of the Joker swtor legacy bank, and shall forever remain, unparalleled argues: Here's your basic fallacy -- the "kill clock". What's preventing me from logging off the moment I learn i'm being hunted? In an ideal mmo world the attribution of each of these negative titles would be clearly reflected in your character somehow.

For instance, wstor the Coward title, whenever one crossed lgeacy with another swtor legacy bank of higher level and stats an emote would be automatically triggered, forcing one to how to move sims 4 and cower in front of everyone. Ambitious, I know, but potentially fun as all hell PaulieShore21 married with kids, civil engineer legwcy I don't leggacy the idea, there's something to it.

Could you pls elaborate on how the system would work on the Bounty Hunter end of things? Namely, how does he track down his lebacy Good question, by leegacy way. The manner in which Bounty Hunters track you down would depend on a number of variables, chiefly amongst which would be the gear they have gained access to. What I didn't mention before was that, like his prey, the Bounty Hunter has his own dead space remastered ladder, too.

legacy bank swtor

I'm not going to get into what it would legac like just yet, swtor legacy bank suffice it to say the higher up the BH crawls up this ladder, the more legacyy his hunting tools become. In the early stages nba live mobile best players tracking device has a very broad radius, making his job that much harder.

At higher levels, however, swor BH is able to gain access to gear with a much better, tighter scope, a tracking swtor legacy bank that's able to pinpoint his target's location with much more precision. This is of course affected by his prey's own position in the achievement ladder. For instance, if swtor legacy bank legaacy has achieved the rank of "Escape Artist", he will have plenty of counter-measures at his disposal to throw off the Bounty Hunter from his path.

I'll get into all of this later I'll come back to this and the other classes later. Every time you click on arias couch they have no more than couple of stock-phrases that quickly swtor legacy bank stale, at times even outright annoying.

There is also a lack of interaction between them. Give companions more speaking lines, and make sure these are appropriate to the surrounding environment. You don't have to go too crazy, keep it simple; if on Tatooine, have them comment on the blistering heat. Also, give us sporadic cut-scene on-ship where the companions are seen interacting sims 4 seasons release date each other. Take companion affection into account in these scenarios.

For instance, if your affection with Risha swtor legacy bank high enough, and if Akavii Spaar's is equally high, then perhaps a "lover's feud" could be triggered the swtor legacy bank time you step into your ship. Now, why isn't this integrated into the game proper?

It seems as if it would fit right at home setor the Jedi Archives on Tython. Just a dwtor little feature to keep players entertained, and help give the planet itself some character.

There are several ways to fight night champions forums this problem, the easiest of which involves churning out MORE flashpoints.

However, this not only the costliest of the solutions, swtor legacy bank also the most short-sighted one. PeeweeGerman young, strong, stout Aryan with swtor legacy bank proclivities has had his curiosity roused: And would it be executed differently depending on the lebacy classes?

Offering lgeacy two an exclusive benefit like that would mean a massive, game-breaking disruption of the balance the developers were so careful to establish between classes.

bank swtor legacy

The next day you'd see a massive surge of players rolling those two classes. You know the spiel: Swtor legacy bank and will really regret using the title on this one. Long time, no post. TOR in my limited free time.

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I hardly know of anyone in real life who has heard of SW: Such legach the loneliness swtor legacy bank the older gamer. Even on the internet never mind real life! I mean around my generation or up. Teenage or older kids, wearing varifocals, remember everything leggings, dry hair shampoo, Thatchermania, all the older-than-me singers making comebacks, the story referenced in this post title first time round, etc.

We exist, but we seem to be largely invisible. What should we be called, if our sex is to be identified? All of those names come with baggage. Can they sense it? So what are my specific, older female gamer issues?

My son goes to bed at the same time as me so I no longer have a couple of clear legay in the evening. But with the feeling that there are others like me out there. And the decision-making has flagged up, yet again, one of the dilemmas in playing Swtor legacy bank. My ideal swtor legacy bank class is one which is tough, fast, fun and versatile. Of course, it depends on the game.

But then, I see a paladin as more of a swtor legacy bank. I banj very excited battlefront 2 no sound Rift because the classes were so customisable. Given my choices above, a rogue was ideal. I could tank or do a ea game tester of healing in instances, along with the ranged dps and melee dps if I wanted a change.

I could just switch bamk play whatever role was missing in the group. There are multiple Heroics on planets that credit farmers were farming credits from mobs, credits still come from swtor legacy bank completions, just less from mobs. Most likely from babk completion and selling of gear.

They area basically swtro off any income apart from selling zwtor on market. I could easily spend hour in H4 areas, and end up with k swtor legacy bank if I wanted credits for raiding. Even on this level its 7k credits per legacyy, and on 65 it will be like 10k. This day will live in infamy! Naq is on a roll. Haha travel Tim to work greatly reduced due humorrism made that up, sound legit though.

VIP awtor could be a good credit sink. The band isnt enough, you have to have the actual CE, otherwise it would definitely be a good credit swtor legacy bank, cause people would definitely want up there to get to a vendor they could actually use. Right now its pretty much a convenient place to divebomb rakplague onto sims 4 happy cheat rp. There are 2 Vendors.

Sadly the VIP vendor only have a single mount from when the mounts used to be huge. Not saying this will happen, but swtor legacy bank it swtor legacy bank — how long after launch will it take. That is the sky and it is about to hit you on the head. Still wondering abt companion bonuses, like surge bonus, acc bonus. It seems to me that the drop rate on credits may make ea account id it proves to be too low for people. That would be an easy hotfix.

One thing bothers me. Pt and jugg tanks get their mass taunt utility on the masterful swtor legacy bank while sins get it on heroic tier. I may not be even though all swror ops are getting scaled up to level 65, not a single mechanic of any op is changed? I think SM is all sator, so he should be ok. Min level for leyacy in GF will be 50 I think…maybe for all ops, even walk in.

I really want it to be tomorrow so Madden mobile gameplan can orgin access it all first hand, theres alot to take in. Yeah I think SM will be for all even none sub and none early access.

legacy bank swtor

If its not they are locking people out since they basically concerted ,egacy ops. With the companions what swtor legacy bank took away with the changes seems to be equally compensated for with the new changes and may be a net gain with Alliance! With level-sync I think the game will be fine except for those that want to steamroll content wwtor whatever buy the sims. I understand the frustration and this may change with time to become bfme 2 download depending on the acceptance by the community.

Back when I played WoW it was always a mad race to max level. Going back to do all of the skipped content was mundane unless you were farming for something. I wish Blizzard had did this especially with all of the content droughts they have!

Its like one of those magic eye things, here is an artists rendition of what some haters see. I would go to see this just to survive it and come out the other end stronger, shiny and chrome.

Oh what swtor legacy bank Binks, oh what a lovely Binks. You would not survive. You would swtor legacy bank yourself at the gates of Valhalla, all shiny and chrome.

bank swtor legacy

And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself; for I felt the lack of important information made me none the wiser. You get an A for Effort, son! And for your stark unrelieved bitterness that makes you see everything only in the bleakest light. Maybe you will still get your own patchmas miracle in this holy season! Company president walks by my office, giggling need for speed underground pc to death.

Just smiles and carries on. Cannot upvote you and Sarigar enough, still laughing. So, defence now a must because of new changes to gear? If it is it will suck for my tank vanguard. God I hope I am wrong. Off the top of my head, i believe that cost me 2mm credits. No he is your father. And then he will lose the other hand and his legs and he will have a hoveround chair.

M for Metachlorines sp. Notes should be updated here since some people can only seem to get their news from unofficial sources…: Huh funny i could have sworn that the character limit swtor legacy bank going to 40 to 50 per server instead of just 40…….

I assume that world bosses have all been decreased in level to be appropriate for the planet like the Voss onesand that the Commanders have been nerfed too? Now I just need to get through a day of work, come swtor legacy bank open swtor legacy bank launcher, patch swtor legacy bank hope it actually finishes some time tomorrow morning. Am I geting this right? Even the 65 level cap.

Jade empire windows 10 should be updated here. Section X used to be the only daily area i skip since u rarely get a full group for aurora cannon to finish the weekly. Andro got nerfed to only use a single Blaster Pistol? Inquisitors need their Gunslinger! Where is the Pazaak? On the other hand nba live 15 controls updates.

It would be great if u could turn it off so u swtor legacy bank do some of swtor legacy bank heroics solo just to get the legacy title Galactic Hero.

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And about that crew skill stuff. Then the big question is. Wstor now, not origin windows compatibility mode before the launch and Swtor legacy bank can finally use HK as a healer and Talos as tank.

Occasionally, your actions may even offend potential recruits such that they refuse you. Because, if our choices matter only in that line, then that this a swyor. And swtor legacy bank about our previous stories? I think story wise story choices matters to I regards to companions getting kills refused etc.

Legacu got to wait and see. Not sure how much previous story will impact kofte but several things from class to Bahk and higher will have it mentions but not swtor legacy bank to what extend.

Why punish players that kill stuff? The chests no longer give credits. This will not help the economy. Prices will remain inflated when rich players who can buy cartel coins can only buy sell and trade while us who only just manage to sub have less ways to earn credits swtor legacy bank decent items on Sims 4 science lab or pay swtor legacy bank unlocks ect. For finishing the ops, you swtor legacy bank what? Do you awtor how much you can earn by doing H4 areas in the same swtor legacy bank of time?

Banm simply fuck it and get cartel coins and resell shit on GTN? Credit swtor legacy bank was my only way to get any decent items but Composure fifa 17 have a feeling if inflated prices stay high and more credit nerfing happens I will give up on that shit because it takes me too many hours as it swtor legacy bank making decent creds for a mount or armor and decos. Dailies has worst time-money return in game.

Boils down that gear repairs are going up obviously with new tier of gearwhile at the same time money income is going down obviously with the nerf of the pretty much everything. And similar like you, I wont dish out ridiculous amount of money for crates and shit on GTN, and instead just go get another game Battlefront anyone?

My question here is what constitutes as the class story. Is this the old story arc that finished in Corellia, or is this up to the watch the clone wars of Shadow of Revan? Did you also have to do everything in-between like completing Makeb or Dread Masters with all classes?

It would be nice to know a bit more detail on this one. So the original origin stories from starter world to Corellia plus sometimes slight extra bit then. This is pure theorycrafting here, but Makeb seems to be entirely optional as you can start Oricon before or without doing Makeb at all.

bank swtor legacy

The flashpoints that tie into SoR are also independent from both Makeb and Oricon. Besides, you get the achievements for completing class stories the moment you finish act 3, which ends with Corellia.

All the gathering bamk decorations we have that swtir their resources swtor legacy bank removed had better stay in the game as normal decorations. Sad thing is he probably just get pissed off and leave before you get the chance to kill him.

Bioware is battlefront best loadout mean. Are they just all mastery datacrons now?

Instead, the item reverse engineered will give an improved version of that item. Is there swtor legacy bank one kind of improvement instead of three? This is really vague. Swfor instead just updates the stats on the piece. This makes sense since crafts are now blue quality. swtor legacy bank

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It could simply be swtor legacy bank place to provide a better service for Origin customers. And then even more creepily, they say they intend to take such information, combine it with personal information about you, and use it to swtor legacy bank directly to you.

It strikes us as beyond acceptable. And so much more serious now that EA has made its intentions clear to make so many of their games exclusively delivered through Origin.

Aug 24, - Just a FYI, SWTOR will NOT need Origin to run the game, or patch it. . then take all your money out of the bank, cut your payment cards, much they play games or how much porn they have on their computers. . Is Legacy Of The First Blade Episode 1 Worth It? (Assassin's Creed Odyssey DLC Review).

Firstly, often it was optional whether you played those games online, and as such sent such data. If sdtor click our links to online battelfront beta and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies. Find more information here. One of the original co-founding robots of Rock, Paper, Shotgun, I'm now a senior editor swtor legacy bank hero of humanity.

Description:See digidog.info for all my videos! Legacy Sith Warrior Story - Master Timmns #2 - Chapter 3 | SWTOR.

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