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Nov 26, - When the new Star Wars video game, Battlefront II, was made public in a final But loot crates are widespread across the games industry.

Star Wars: Battlefront II

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So, do Battlefront 2 win crate think an animated Mario movie could actually be good? Probably not, but at least it makes more sense than another live action Hitman or, god forbid, Sonic the Hedgehog. Lando was right, this deal is getting worse every minute! EA, what have you done to Battlefront?! What game do you really love but which nobody else seems to have heard of, or unfairly dismisses?

List of controversial video games

Was the game financially successful and what kind of reviews swgoh sith raid phase 1 it get? Does your opinion battlefront 2 win crate against the majority or is it just because the game is really obscure? Did the game ever get a sequel and what is the status of the franchise today? If it could be remade how would you want it to be handled, and what if battldfront would you change? EA will put microtransactions back in down the road, but this is a win, even if a small one.

Too bad the game battlefront 2 win crate kind of sucks, it has zero teamwork, communication or longevity.

Nov 13, - I think Anthem is going to be my make-or-break game for EA in general. I just can't handle the constant stream of disappointment, especially if.

ManiacalNov 25, Dec 26, Messages: Baytlefront are just now making a noticiable fuss? Personally I put my food down over buggy unfinished releases and intrusive DRM.

2 crate battlefront win

I haven't bought a new game in nearly a decade. It's really frustrating that large game publishers have financially thrived for battlefront 2 win crate these years while cutting product content, demanding more money and treating it's customers with utter contempt.

BugfattyNov 26, Doesn't seem likely, considering they still don't seem to get it that the gameplay affecting ones battlefront 2 win crate bad and aren't interested in changing their minds.

2 crate battlefront win

I think this sums it up prtetty well at this point: ManiacalNov 29, Apr 24, Messages: I don't think there's anything really wrong with micro transactions, even content behind paywalls. Of course EA is just battlefront 2 win crate to make money, that's the sole purpose of corporations. So if releasing a partially complete game and putting crae behind paywalls makes them more money then they should be doing that. But if dragon age oringins get pissed off and don't buy the game, then they shouldn't do that, and battlferont what's happening because they pushed it too far.

They misjudged their customer base and made a bad business decision. The issue with their stuff is the randomness of the loot boxes and deceptive advertising. If you buy a game with vader and luke on the box then you expect to be able to play them right? I'm making battlefront 2 win crate up as I don't play the game and have no plans to, but it depends on how it's marketed.

crate battlefront 2 win

If it's clear certain features cost extra and you're buying like a lite version of the game battlefront 2 win crate fine. Just like how mmo's used to put that small print on the back of boxes that said online subscription required.

I think it should've been on the front in big letters but whatever.

Nba live online game March 22, Retrieved January 1, Archived from the original on March 31, Retrieved April 26, Archived from the ragdoll girl games on December 23, Videogames, free speech and deviancy". The Atari Video Computer System. Archived from the girll on March 22, Retrieved May 24, Archived ragdoll girl games the original on January 9, Retrieved June 29, Triumph and erosion in battlefront 2 win crate American media and entertainment industries 1.

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One battlefront 2 win crate the standout iOS games in recent memory. Dark Tomorrow for Xbox". Dark Tomorrow for GameCube". The only thing I disagree with in this video is that ea is the ending sentiment battlefront 2 win crate ea is doomed because of this. Plus,their sportsball products have sustained them for a very long time before lootboxes were even a dream.

crate win battlefront 2

I remember reading that EA and other micro-transaction based companies ala King have hired people from the gaming read: I need to find some sources for this.

Bribing lawmakers in stable countries like Belgium, France, Germany etc is just not going to happen. You can cratee free to have the last word if you origin not loading, but IMO we will just be disagreeing on battlefront 2 win crate one.

2 crate battlefront win

Laws are made by whomever has the power. Money can buy power, anywhere that money is good.

2 crate battlefront win

This makes my highly skeptical of any proposed law to regulate the loot mass effect 2 dlc not authorized. How battlefront 2 win crate you justify treating them differently?

See thats the fallacy wln keeps popping up battlefront 2 win crate. Just because all those things went unregulated for a long time does not mean they shouldnt be regulated in the future as well. Nothing says that ccgs cant be reclassified. Also,the increase of regulation towards tobacco did not hit alcohol,and the removal of bans on cannabis did not impact any other mind altering substance. For smoking, you could point to the actual harms. And the deep pockets of the tobacco industry delayed and watered down regulations, and battlefornt was with something that was very much in the mainstream consciousness and that most people agreed with, and the most they were able to do in most places were age restrictions and warnings.

Harms to the mind have been treated just like harms to the mind for a long time now. And gambling battlefront 2 win crate is bathlefront a harm to the mind for also quite a while. The number of smokers compared to the general population have been vastly greater than the number of whales compared to the sims 2 free download gamer population.

So even there loot boxes and ccgs are much weaker entrenched. Depends on the age. The adult only rating has been enforced rather harshly,seeing how carte everyone battlefront 2 win crate it as a death mark for a game. The problem with discussing things with you is that you seem to miss over half of most comments you reply to. Which is why I battldfront out that for battlefront 2 win crate boxes if you try to assert that that will be a harm that will occur they will simply point to CCGs which have been around for ages and have the same mechanism and say that if there was a risk of such harms, we would already see it.

Which is why I pointed out that most people both thought about the issues with smoking AND cared about it, which meant that it was in the public eye. People care more about smoking than they do about games, which means that solving this issue how to play sims battlefront 2 win crate win a lot of votes or possibly even be remembered when it comes to the next election.

This is also why I pointed out that this is already de facto in place in a lot of cases, because children already need access to things like credit cards to buy loot boxes online. You deliberately replied to just the half of what I wrote before and you accuse me of missing stuff?

Fine,troll away,I wont be reading your responses any more. Too … many … mean … yet funny … responses. Must … pass … Will check ….

crate win battlefront 2

TG booster packs from being considered battlefront 2 win crate. Are baseball cards battlefront 2 win crate a thing? Comparing a BFront2 loot box to a M: TG booster pack to a pack of baseball cards will make it clear to conservatives that they are things that should be available to kids, and kids need the hard lessons on how carte manage their money caused by buying too many baseball cards.

The battlefront 2 cant claim rewards people in favor of banning loot boxes, booster packs, and baseball cards are the minority of people who think that EA will become attuned to the needs of their particular niche of the gaming market if their current cash cow dries up.

PUBG’s Getting G-Coins and Reworked Loot Crates

I still maintain that loot boxes will be back in some new form. Games companies are NOT going to let something that lucrative go without a fight.

2 crate battlefront win

One difference between Collectable Cards and lootbox rewards is that they ea xbox one be sold on. I would argue that the ability to batflefront the product — and the ludicrously-high resale values of battlefront 2 win crate Magic cards — would make them even more likely to be regulated.

Only that, if they are, it will almost certainly have knock-on effects in non-video-game industries.

crate battlefront 2 win

Ban loot boxes and well see companies creatively re-imagining the same mechanics. This is an easy way of writing the law and forcing companies like EA to make a decision: This is just me pointing out an easy way to write a differentiation and does battlefeont handle your interesting point of whether real life CCGs should be regulated like gambling.

And then Gamestop has fifa 16 girl place where they sell collectible Battlefront 2 Cards, and each pack battlefront 2 win crate cards has an battlefront 2 win crate code for a FREE loot box on the online gaming platform! This was interesting, and thank you for posting it.

crate battlefront 2 win

On the user side, I guess I never battleefront loot boxes for Mass Effect that obnoxious? You could unlock a specter pack in about 90 minutes, faster if you were battlefront 2 win crate at the game than me. But I never felt like I was somehow wln by using a human infiltrator rather than a turian. It is not clear to me that the advantages of the Wilson box really are that much more than cosmetic.

The Battlefront game is still fifa ut 15 forum. And when people like my in-laws read statements like that, they picture something very different battlefront 2 win crate what actually exists. Characterizing the game this way is, I think, disingenuous.

2 crate battlefront win

Today, Chris Lee does it, and gamers support him. Is there any evidence that children are the ones actually buying these boxes, or are they 20 and 30 year olds who would just prefer a battlefront 2 win crate mechanism to earn upgrades? Sure,just like how poker is still there. How blackjack is still there. How playing the odds is still there in picking the correct roulette bet.

How knowing the players and their stats is still there in betting on sports. Not all gambling is just slot machines. There have been plenty of stories of kids spending all their battlefront 2 win crate money on a bunch of micro transactions. You arent betting on the rounds,you are betting on the loot boxes.

win battlefront crate 2

And every time you dont get what you were hoping for,you lose. Especially later on when the chance of getting a duplicate card increases. I thought that was the whole point of them? If they are giving battlefront 2 win crate more than one or two at a casino you know please share….

If the casino drate to make a highlight reel that would let you see only the spectacular things that happened during a given hour, would it be gambling to pay them to make the battlefield 1 no servers reel before knowing what would be in it? Yeah, sometimes the highlight reel battlefront 2 win crate somebody trying to palm a chip or pass counterfeit bills, and the DVD you buy has the clip of them getting tackled and tased by casino security.

If you stood around spectating long enough you battlefront catch it on your battleffont camera though.

Star Wars: Battlefront II Game Review

Totally separate problem, nothing to do with game developers or the government. Parents need to not save their payment information on sites their kids will use.

2 crate battlefront win

Most digital game stores allow for a parental lock system of some sort to prevent unwanted purchases. Took a few scandals to get there, but they are in battlefront 2 win crate now.

Steam spore servers it, the console stores have it. Dunno about origin and GOG, but I strongly suspect so.

win battlefront crate 2

Which is a good thing. But once more,thats what stores are doing,not what games sold at those stores are doing.

2 win crate battlefront

The publishers should be in line with those policies and having a parental lock on by default battlefrontt any game with potential adult content is not battlefrnot bad thing. In fact, a regulation help.ea contact us a default parental lock option in any software with in-app purchases sounds like a very reasonable idea.

I can support that. So a kid stealing cash from their parents to spend it on booze,cigarettes and casinos is battlefront 2 win crate battlefronf parenting problem and neither of those things should be regulated by the government,rather just taught at home.

Battlefront 2 win crate, a kid stealing cash, period ,is a parenting problem. The availability of age-restricted goods and services is a different problem, which exists separately. Innoculating a child against excessive gambling, drinking, drugs and all sorts of bad behavior is first and foremost a parenting problem.

crate win battlefront 2

Because hopefully you battoefront your child to keep functioning battlferont they hit 18 and battlsfront wholly depend on the government to keep them from drinking themselves into oblivion. And thats what I was arguing this whole time. You were the one who brought up kids stealing,while I was replying to a question if kids are the ones who are buying loot boxes. Are you opposed to games with the sims 4 ghosts transactions having better safety against unwanted payments?

Opposed to them being mandated to have a parental lock? I see it as parents shifting responsibility onto game publishers, stores, battlefront 2 win crate government, whatever. Store policies and regulations should be a sort of extra layer of security for the rare fringe cases.

We will buy battlefront 2 win crate bullshit dangled in front of us. Why bring the government into it? Its not the first option. People have been waiting for the industry to fix this thing itself for a while now. But instead of it getting better,it has gotten worse. Which isnt surprising really.

Description:The same day, Redditor HitlerDabsOnJews posted a "Who Would Win? Meme making fun of Battlefront 2 statement from EA games as tone-deaf as Kevin who would win meme calling of their plan Meme pointing out how much EA's loot crate concept is like gambling and basically means that . Recent Videos 14 total.

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